XO was born in the Finnish archipelago, where conditions are harsh. It has been designed to set you free to answer the call of the sea when others stay in port.

Sakari Mattila and Erkki Talvela founded XO boats in 2008. Em group came in with 100 prosent ownership in 2012.

The best design is always focused on function, and even the best of boats is nothing without a driver. The purpose of an XO is to let you explore. Every detail has been designed with this in mind. The end result is more than the sum of its parts. There is nothing unnecessary.

While others remain obediently in the port waiting for more convenient conditions, XO devours waves where whitecaps whip the aluminum and salt water spray the eyes. XO Boats’ mission is to build strong and reliable boats that maximize driving and user experience in rough conditions.


The XO was born and bred in the Finnish archipelago. Here everything is whipped by the wind and polished by the sea. Conditions are harsh. Beauty is stark, minimalistic. Everything has a reason.

This is the origin of XO’s unique design. The military grade aluminum alloy hull is strong and sturdy. The long water line, slim shape and extra deep V hull ensure the smoothest possible ride in all seas.

Every XO detail has been designed with you in mind. XO lets you answer the call of the sea and explore new horizons when others stay in port.


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